We have summarized our pool rules to make them more concise and easier to read. All previous rules are still in effect, and can be found HERE, if you need to review them as well.

Revised 05/26/2022

All persons use this facility at their own risk and in accordance with the rules and regulations. Individuals may be barred from this facility at the discretion of the Management for violation of said rules or for any other reason which in their judgment constitutes inappropriate conduct or a hazard to others or to the Management. ANY SITUATION NOT DESCRIBED BELOW WILL BE EVALUATED AND ACTED UPON BY POOL MANAGEMENT AND/OR THE POOL BOARD. WE APPRECIATE YOUR COMPLIANCE.


  • All persons must wear appropriate swimming attire.
  • NO sitting or hanging on the lane lines.
  • Diving is ONLY permitted in the deep end of the pool (12 feet).
  • ONLY one person is allowed on the diving board at a time. The person next in line must wait on the deck until the diver has reached the ladder and exited the pool. The same rules apply to the water slide.
  • NO swimming in the deep end when the diving board and slide are in use.
  • The five-foot section of the pool is for lap swimming ONLY.
  • Adult swims (18 yrs or older), 10 minutes at the top of the hour, will be called as Management deems appropriate.


  • NO running on the concrete walkways or the pool deck.
  • NO pushing, dunking, carrying people on one’s shoulders, or other horseplay that may result in serious injury.
  • NO jumping into the pool while carrying a child.
  • Prolonged underwater swimming, breath-holding, or games including such behavior is prohibited.
  • If the pool becomes too crowded, the Management reserves the right to limit the number of swimmers.

PERSONAL CONDUCT: Members and their guests will conduct themselves with civility at all times. Disorderly conduct or the use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Expectorating, spouting of water eliminating of body wastes, or unhygienic acts in the pool are prohibited.

NO BULLYING: Any report of harassment or bullying will be investigated by Management and may result in consequences including but not limited to expulsion from the facility.

NO GLASS: NO glass bottles, containers, or glass in any form is permitted on pool grounds.

NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES IN THE POOL: No food or beverages are allowed in the pools.


  • Children over 6 are NOT permitted in the baby pool.
  • Children over 9 are NOT permitted in the sandbox.
  • Children over 12 are NOT permitted in the gaga pit.
  • Children under 11 must be actively supervised by a responsible person 13 years or older.
  • Children under 3 must be accompanied by a responsible person 13 years or older in the restrooms.
  • Parents/Guardians must watch their children at all times.
  • Parents/Guardians must accompany a non-swimmer in the water at all times within an arm’s length.
  • Lifeguards may employ the following policy when enforcing rules:
    • 1st Violation – Warning
    • 2nd Violation – Benched for 5 minutes
    • 3rd Violation – Benched until a parent or guardian is notified.

DEEPWATER TEST: Any person swimming in water above their shoulders must be competent enough to do so. Our staff will give swimmers a “deep water test,” which consists of a continuous two widths of the main pool and treading water for one minute with the entire head above water. The staff has identifying bracelets for children under the age of 12 (required) who pass the test.

CHILDREN WHO WEAR DIAPERS: Children who are not toilet trained are restricted to the BABY POOL ONLY. Baltimore County Swimming Pool Regulations require the use of “SWIMSUIT DIAPERS” for children who are not completely toilet trained. If a fecal accident occurs in either pool, it must be reported to the staff immediately. Diaper changing is NOT allowed poolside, on the deck, walkways, or on any pool furniture. Members are encouraged to use the diaper changing stations provided in the bathrooms. If the use of the diaper changing stations is not feasible, a diaper change is allowed on a personal diaper changing pad on the grass.

FLOATS & TOYS: Inner tubes, water wings, and other flotation devices are NOT permitted. For safety purposes, only a life vest approved by the United States Coast Guard is allowed to be worn in the pool. If a child uses such a life vest, a parent or guardian must accompany the child in the water at all times. ONLY soft or sponge-style balls, dive rings or sicks, and torpedos are allowed in the main pool and MUST be used in a manner that does NOT interfere with others’ ability to enjoy the pool, determined by the lifeguards or manager on duty. Small bath toys are allowed in the baby pool. Some rules around the aforementioned items may be relaxed or temporarily lifted during special events.

GUESTS: It is the obligation of the pool member to provide a guest pass or fee, and personally know and sign in their guest(s) each time they arrive at the pool. All members are responsible for the actions and behavior of their guest(s). NO GUEST WILL BE ADMITTED OR BE PERMITTED TO REMAIN UNLESS ACCOMPANIED BY A POOL MEMBER.

Guest fees are as follows: Monday–Thursday $8 ($5 if after 5:00pm), Friday–Sunday $10.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: The Management is not responsible for personal property brought to the pool. All articles found will be in the Lost and Found for a period of 30 days. After this time period, all articles will be donated to a charity.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK: Persons using the facilities at Campus Cabana assume all risk of any injury.

USE OF THE GROUNDS: NO smoking or vaping on pool grounds. The responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed. NO dogs or other pets are allowed on pool grounds. Furniture, pool or patron-owned, is ONLY allowed on the grassy areas with the exception of the seating area outside the snack bar and the baby pool deck. The cost of any property damage that is the result of misuse by a member or their guest, will be charged to that member.

VIOLATION & ENFORCEMENT: Anyone in violation of these rules can have their membership suspended or revoked. Management can, at their discretion, take actions deemed necessary and proper for personal safety and/or protection of pool property. This includes refusing to admit or immediate ejection of any person on the pool grounds

The pool board will be the sole arbitrator in any dispute arising from a violation of these or any other rules.