Welcome to Campus Cabana: A Cherished Community Legacy

Our Story

In the heart of Towson, Maryland, lies Campus Cabana, a not-for-profit summer swim club that has been a cornerstone of community life for over 60 years. Our journey began in 1960, conceived by visionaries Ralph DeChiaro and Anthony Sanzo as part of the newly developed Campus Hills community. What started as an exclusive amenity for local residents transformed into a beloved communal asset cherished by families and individuals from Towson and beyond.

 Turning Point

The early years saw the pool operated by Maryland Pools, catering to a growing membership. But in 1981, a monumental shift occurred. Vince Carlin, Dick Banks, Bob Breschi, and other community members spearheaded a movement to purchase the pool, transforming it into a member-owned haven. Campus Cabana, Inc. was born, symbolizing more than a property transaction—it represented our community’s spirit and dedication.

Our Evolution

Over the decades, Campus Cabana has evolved, mirroring the growth of our community. Renovations and upgrades have been a constant, ensuring a safe, modern, and enjoyable environment. We’ve balanced honoring our rich history with embracing the future, always to enhance member experiences.

More Than a Pool

Campus Cabana is a vibrant hub of activity throughout the summer. It’s a place where memories are made, friendships flourish, and community spirit thrives. From the competitive zeal of the Campus Cabana Seahorses swim team to leisurely swims, social gatherings, and festive celebrations, our pool is the backdrop to summer’s best moments.

Our Commitment

Looking forward, our dedicated Board of Directors and volunteers are steadfast in their commitment. We’re not just preserving a swimming facility but nurturing a legacy. Campus Cabana stands as a testament to community spirit, a place where every splash tells a story, and every swimmer is part of our extended family.

Join us, as we continue to make waves in the heart of Towson!